About Amy

Life can have a serious impact on your personal wellness.  Partnering with a Life Coach can help you recharge, rebuild, and move forward.  

As a licensed school social worker in the Milwaukee area for over 15 years, I worked tirelessly in both public and private schools.  Throughout my career, a strong desire to break down barriers to learning and to empower students, parents, and families motivated me.  Whether facilitating parent workshops, partnering with teachers on potential interventions for students, or working one-on-one with youth, I strived to have collaborative relationships to facilitate change.  I strived to give my all to everyone everyday.  Enter compassion fatigue and burnout.

Then, I had kids!  My girls were my world and I worked tirelessly to be the best mom I could be.  Add the usual daily grind, a side of mom-guilt, a professional work ethic that had me running on fumes, and I was in a losing race.   

I finally realized that I needed take better care of myself. This led me to explore and experience Life Coaching. Inspired by how coaching helped guide my own self-care journey, I enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Certified Professional Coach Program in Fall 2019.  I received my Certified Professional Coach credentials in May of 2020 and am licensed by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

My own experiences in Life Coaching have cemented my belief in its power to impact personal wellness.  Blooming Iris Coaching comes from my strong belief in what Life Coaching can bring to people throughout their journey.  Let’s begin the journey together.

University of Wisconsin Coach Certification badge


“Who knew I needed this?  I engaged with Amy because I was interested in what coaching was all about.  What I learned is that this experience is a fun, amazing and affirming process.  Amy was an intentional guide as I explored solutions to situations and problems challenging me. I am most grateful that throughout the process, Amy helped me learn to be true to myself and appreciate my individuality.” 

~ Jean

Words of Praise for Amy

“Amy is amazing. I feel like I’ve gone on this major journey of self-discovery that has been hard and scary but she has been my support the whole time-cheering me on along the way. I would have never gained the insight into myself without her guidance. Everyone needs an Amy in their life.” 

~ Elizabeth